Field Guide: The Astrologer’s Notebook (excerpted Chapter 2)

"full moon in leo"

I had to nap. Yesterday’s a.m. espresso made sleep a challenge so after dealing with the bug man and the blog and before heading out to meet my accountant, I took a short deep sweet nap.

When I awoke, I checked my emails to find a young querent feeling the Full Moon intensely and needing to be read. I couldn’t though. I had to head to the train. Damn taxes!

When I reread her message though, nothing to me felt wrong although I could feel her concern.

This is part of what  I told her before heading out:

Choices are coming at you now and choices = energy in your life = perhaps you feel you are not ready yet and your insides are screaming it too: “NOT READY!”) and thus your discomfort. 
Picture all these options like Tarot cards themselves, that you lay them out on the table. See yourself flipping the cards over — and eventually you will pick the ones you want, the ones you need, but for right now they are “possibilities.” They are cards on the table.

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