Field Guide: An Astrologer’s Notebook (Chapter 1)

"full moon in leo 2012"

Sometimes when I look at a chart for the first time, I go blank. I now know to interpret this as my reset button.

Then I tune-in and literally go around the chart,ย and as I write this I am imagining charts large enough that I could actually walk around them, like those soft plastic Twister gameboards.

And I see what’s there. Not considering aspects at first, although those emerge as I go around the wheel. Planet, sign, house is what I notice first. What is there. And the impressions come, sometimes faster than I’d like, each story or voice or theme competing for my attention.

Field Note: a querent with the Full Moon in his 6th House by transit, making a soft aspect to natal personal planets in his 8th House and at first I believed this to be a mundane health issue and I felt this strongly as it came up more than once in the chart. But by the end of the reading I realized that the health issue here was not body-health, but relationship (8th House) health (6th House) and the good aspect showed good potential, opportunity, for resolution, or, at least, forward movement should the querent be willing and able.

(I did learn later on by the way that there was a previous health issue although the querent did not mention it being a current concern.)

Side Note: Readers, especially those with water charts, pay attention to how you feel because how you feel when you look at a chart is often a clue to the querent’s current experience and/or history. Of course you must have learned or continue to be learning to distinguish your energy from other energies and this takes time, and is not only possible but necessary for this work.

Another chart had a brutal natal outer planet opposition across the 1st and 7th Houses. I saw the relationship challenges. I saw the querent’s lack of objectivity. But what I felt was overwhelm and blockage when I scanned this aspect for more information. What I got was… pain, self-defeat, which WAS the information. Saturn was the block in this case and Pluto was the overload.ย 

Was it a lost cause? Only if it chose to be so. Astrologers, readers of all kinds, healers can only guide. The individual must look below their surface and all their defenses with open eyes. Be unafraid. It’s harder than it sounds. And it’s a process that doesn’t end. For any of us.

Outer planet transits guarantee upset but do not guarantee growth. One must pay attention. It’s like reading a chart: what is there vs what is not there. What is there vs what you would prefer.

To be continued…

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