Feeling The Full Moon In Virgo? Already? Could Be!

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In the comments, Anita was wondering if it was possible to feel the affects of a Full Moon before the Full Moon, days before, even a week before, even when the Moon is in other signs.

Well, I had written about this not long ago because I felt that the Full Moon came early for me.

But you know what?

This is very much a Your Mileage/Your Chart May Vary kind of question and answer.

It’s never just one thing that’s happening in a chart. Even when I do Mini-Moon Readings, I’m doing more than looking at one isolated event. A lot more. Anyone who has had a Mini-Moon with me can testify to this.

So when I felt like I was already feeling the Full Moon, I went to look at my chart and noticed that there was OTHER STUFF going on that repeated the SAME THEME.

The Full Moon for me is in my 1st House. And Pisces is my 7th House so my 7th House has ALREADY been activated, long before March 8th’s Full Moon in Virgo….

Kinda like…. I’ve been experiencing a PREVIEW of the Full Moon.

Is this feeling the Full Moon early? To some degree, yes. Are some folks extra sensitive? Yes. Is there other stuff going on in your chart too? Yes. Could the Mars retrograde in Virgo also be affecting whatever else is happening in your Virgo House (and the other houses where aspects are being made)? Yes. Could you be psychic and are having pre-cog Full Moon inVirgo moments? Totally. Could you just need to take a chill pill? Hey. Nothing wrong with a chill pill. I’m partial to Homeopathy for that đŸ™‚

My main point here: it’s never just one thing. Themes repeat. Patterns are findable in natal charts and transit charts.

But I think the most important piece here is that during Full Moon time, the opposite sign is where the Sun is and possibly where other faster moving planets are so… it’s like the story is already in process of being told and perhaps on Full Moon day itself it will come to a head — it will end, it will begin, it will continue. Or nothing could happen. It could be just a feeling. It could be wind. The stars don’t run on train time. And yet sometimes they do.


PS The image here is a phrase in Hebrew from the Song of Songs, “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” I have no tattoos but this is what I will get first when I start getting them. In Hebrew, that is. And I put this image here because the Virgo/Pisces axis for me is 1st House/7th House — self and other. Me and my Beloved.


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