Feeling (Mars In) Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
will you reach the other side?

What do you do when uncomfortable feelings come to meet you? Feelings that you don’t want to feel.

I have never felt Scorpio Season this strongly. Haven’t felt this introspective in a while. Maybe I haven’t had the time. Nothing could get through.  I have Moon in Virgo and tend to process my feelings before feeling them.

But what I want to say this morning is this: when you feel an intense emotion, that’s God or Spirit, your Higher Power telling you to slow down.

Or consider it your body telling you to slow down. That something needs to come through: a message! About your life! I think the messages (Mercury) will multiply when Mars enters Virgo.

And it’s a tightrope because you don’t want to get stuck, sink too far down, but you don’t want to dismiss it. Mars in Virgo would make use of it.  Mars in Virgo is a Master of Inquiry.

So it’s really a two-part process: feeling and understanding, and Virgo tends to think of their feelings as outside their body, “over there,” safe to analyze.

But how about today, just today, you stay with it. No need to understand, no need to grasp, no need to organize or classify. De-Virgo the Virgo.

And remember: you can’t solve it all today and you’re doing your best.

Do you feel your feelings?

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