Feeling Fragile? Touch The Earth! The Stars Today

"uranus stationing direct"

It’s been raining all day in the Big City. ALL DAY. Yesterday too. And today — actually last night — in the middle of the night, I noticed a leak in the kitchen, coming from upstairs. Dirty water. Today I called the landlord and he came to take a look and of course it originates from the floor above us but it got me thinking about foundations. About leaks. About dirty water. About fragile. About the sky. Is it falling?

And that’s how the sky feels to me right now: fragile — because of all the change coming up. Change change change.

Mercury still retrograde, Uranus stationing direct, the Full Moon eclipse, events in my own life: relationships ending and beginning.

And I’m such an astro-freak, I just checked the transits for the day next week that I’m scheduled to have some body work done and I’m glad transiting Saturn sextile my natal Venus and transiting Venus trine my natal Saturn will still be active.


The Moon in Taurus today offers some stability despite inconjuncting the Sun and Mercury. Find your comfort in comfort: food, warmth, lazy.

And not only that but there’s this yummy earth Grand Trine of this Moon, Venus, and Mars: good money, good love, good feeling.

So if you, too, are watching the leaks and feeling fragile and foundations shifting… then touch them. Get a hand massage. Eat the cheesecake. Walk the city, block after block after block.

Your body IS your foundation.

And you? Stable or fragile or both? 

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