Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway?? Sun Sextile Jupiter

"sun sextile jupiter"

That’s the name of a famous self-help book. Without the two question marks at the end.

My question for you: when you feel that feeling — fear or some other unwelcome emotion– what do you do?

Tangent: strength comes with life. I mean, I can think of how I was at 20, at 30, at 35. Strength comes with life. It gets better. Oh jeez I feel the Tarot talking to me. Let me pull one card.

Whoa! Ten of Swords. End of a cycle. Darkest before the dawn. How you feel now? Not gonna stay that way. Let’s pull another card: Temperance for balance. That’s the warning here I think. Not the warning. The WAY. The way to leaving 10-of-Swords-mind is by balancing. Now I’ll ask the Tarot: HOW? Fuck. This is eerie. Got The Star. Hope. Faith. Optimism renewed.

So check out this action. From the devastation (and it may not be real devastation but how you feel) to correction/balancing, the angel in this card pouring liquid from one cup to another, she’s measuring, and then the Star. The Star and Temperance being so linked, needing each other, can’t have one without the other is the message here. Having faith makes the balance possible. Balancing yourself makes faith possible.

(The eerie thing too is that I added in this Tarot part when I was going back to edit my post for typos.  So it really is a lovely synchronicity.)

But back to the Astrology:

The Sun and Jupiter sextile today, Pisces to Taurus. Water to earth. Faith to stability. Star to Temperance.

Thinking of this aspect in a personal way, the Sun is YOU and Jupiter is your optimism. Also what you believe because the 9th House, Jupiter’s house, is associated with beliefs.

Some other Jupiter keywords: preachers, proclamations,  prophecy, saints, and rabbis, teachers.

I am bringing up this group of keywords because of my question: where do you go, where does your chart go, when you feel up against it? When you are living and breathing 10-of-Swords-Mind. Who guides you? Where do you seek guidance?

One example from my chart: I have a 2nd House Jupiter. I need to have faith in my ability to earn, to support myself – not with just money but with self-esteem. And my Jupiter sextiles my 12th House Venus. I need to pray. The 12th House prays. Jupiter rules prayer.

A couple more things: Jupiter also rules — get this — floats and parades. Isn’t that sweet? And Jupiter rules candy. Really sweet 🙂

Make it a good day, everyone! After all, Jupiter rules THE BEST. Find transiting Jupiter in your chart and meditate on how you are growing, IF you are growing. Jupiter wants your expansion in that area of life so… let it be.


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