Fear of Tarot?

A few years after I started studied astrology, the same teacher offered Tarot classes. I loved his wisdom and his knowledge so of course I signed up. I took to it right away. Best thing was that the Tarot seemed to perfectly complement my astrological studies and made my astrology better. Made my intuition better, stronger. And I began to love astrology even more. But somewhere along the line, I got spooked.

One night, Halloween, I did Tarot readings all night at a bar on the Lower East Side. A friend’s parents owned the place and I did readings for tips until the wee hours. It was fun, it was exhausting, it was intense, and I felt my third eye open up. I had a splitting headache right in the center of my forehead and I was more than just tired. Something broke that night.

In the coming weeks, I did a Tarot reading over the phone for my sister in Texas who was having some problems with her multi-cat household. I did a spread and starting coming up with stuff, specific stuff, that I had no way to know. That is what spooked me. Because I… couldn’t control it? Because I… didn’t know if it was true or not until she verified? Because I knew shit. All I know is that I slacked off on my Tarot stuff after that. That I got too close to something that I wasn’t ready for.

I still get Tarot readings when I can. I love it. And… I think I will return to it. But need to be more careful, meaning that I need to… fortify my… boundaries? Fortify my fortification! Ground and center. It’s probably my toomuchvirgo that wants to control the flow but a North Node in Pisces assures me that… the everyday spiritual and the everyday psychic is exactly where I should be.  Do you Tarot?

Note to Self: worry less. Ha!

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