Fear Of Falling: Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"

People are writing to me and leaving comments on the blog that they are scared of what’s to come, scared of Saturn in Scorpio.

Hey, I’m scared too. Not of Saturn in Scorpio but of other stuff. I’m scared about some health things that I’m experiencing and my doc appointment isn’t for another week.

I’m scared of other things too but the answer is to work with your fear. Do not let it disable you. Take it in hand, gently and shift your attention.

The problem the so-called problem is the fear, not the transit. This is what Krishnamurti taught met today. I read one little transcript of a lecture of his on the train and I feel like I KNOW something now.

The more fear you have, the less heart you have, the less patience, the less breath.

It was Osho (who I was also reading) who was talking about your breath being God’s breath. Your inhale and your exhale. I am putting this in my own words but the idea of your every breath as Divine. Can you feel this?

So if you are worried about health or money or children or relationships or the unknown or zombies,  it’s not enough to say “breathe” and yet how many of you are holding your breath right now while reading this and not breathing i.e. not feeling connected to anything outside your fears?

One moment and you are connected again. You, in your little room with the little light and the flower on the table and about as much hope as a dust mote.

What would it feel like to move through the world and your life with complete faith and TRUST. And that every problem you encountered was but another opportunity to love God more. And if that idea fails you, then detachment is a good choice too. Detatchment meaning to view this physical life and its difficulties from the point of view as an observer rather than so damn emotional all the time. Or at least even it up.

I called this blog Astro Help for the Emotionally Intense because I am learning as I go along too.

But this Krishnamurti that I read today? It released me. It didn’t solve it all, but it pointed me in the right direction, which is what we all need.

Saturn IS fear. Fear is a Saturn keyword. I am not all pollyanna about Saturn. Saturn is work, discipline, restriction.He’s not a cutie pie French bulldog.

But Saturn does reward the work you do. It’s an astro-cliche to say it but it’s been true for me.

Here are some Scorpio keywords and phrases for you to chew on in the meantime because Saturn in Scorpio brings us fear and trepidation of these things as well as showing us where we need to MATURE and grow wise and take responsibility. Can you imagine? WE’RE ALL GOING TO ENROLL IN SCORPIO SCHOOL!

Scorpio keywords: death, facing the idea that not dying is not an option, life after death and your beliefs about that, gross stuff generally speaking and especially of the body i.e. that which we do not want to look at or face or deal with or have ANYWHERE NEAR US – so could be physical or ideas or emotional states or OTHER PEOPLE, creating crisis and triangles, lust, disease, your own masochism and obsessions and compulsions, your jealousy, your ruthlessness, that which you find disgusting about others which you don’t want to face,  the secrets about yourself and others that you want to keep hidden…

You will be called to define (Saturn) your passion (Scorpio) or to curtail it, make a fence around it. Or kill it. It may not be appropriate anymore. It may be immature.

Pluto rules oblivion and Saturn in Scorpio will expose yours.

Basically your unexamined life of debauchery will come to a complete stop.


Love, MP

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