Fear Of Failure And The Seven Of Pentacles

Whenever I would see this card, I wouldn’t feel bad.

I would feel like… this dude is TAKING STOCK. That’s not bad.

And then I had a Reading once upon a time, and my reader pulled this card for a relationship that I couldn’t figure out.

And he said to me: it’s as though you consider it having failed ALREADY. And this surprised me. Because I’d never, well, thought of it that way!

I then discovered though that this is a fairly common interpretation. In fact, Crowley called it THE LORD OF FAILURE. Not just a pause, but an abandonment.

The great thing about Tarot though is that interpretations vary and you can find the lighter version as well as the darker version and when your read cards for yourself and others, you can decide. Is it satisfaction? Or its opposite?

And you know what? HE WAS RIGHT. That relationship didn’t go anywhere and my sense of this card changed.


I consider the rest of this week to be EASY.

Despite the beginning of SCORPIO SEASON 🙂 and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. There will be trines with the Cancer Moon and a Sun Neptune trine and… it’s okay. It’s really okay. Moon in Leo over the weekend AND THEN COMES NEXT WEEK:

This is a partial list of the excitement: 

-Pluto sextile Chiron

-Moon in Virgo conjunct Mars, opposing Neptune

-Mars opposing Chiron

-Uranus square Pluto

-Solar Eclipse in Scorpio!

There’s something for everyone 😉 For the Cardinal, for the Fixed, for the Mutable!

The short version:

Pluto sextile Chiron: yeah, you can solve this problem. REALLY. Moon Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune/Chiron: low energy may continue. It’s not just you. Uranus square Pluto: okay this is an ongoing story but do you see ANY light in this tunnel AT ALL? ANY??? I know it’s changed for me. Believe it or not! Pry it open. Grab your magnifiers and PRY IT OPEN (it’s a very psychic aspect). The Solar Eclipse: if you are not WORKING HARD in/on this house in your chart, then…we need to talk. You CANNOT IGNORE YOUR SCORPIO HOUSE PEOPLE!

I will blog day by day about all this so you know what to expect AND LORDY I KID YOU NOT GUESS WHAT CARD I JUST PULLED:

I am so not kidding.

Seven of Pentacles. 

PATIENCE. Assessment. A pause. Waiting. Growing. FEAR of failure YES but you can let this fear go. Evaluation. Observation. Retrograde! Review Revise!

What are you working on? 

Love, MP

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