Fate Is The Road And We All Travel Down It

Do we wind up where we belong, ultimately?

Some believe YES.
Fate is the road and we all travel down it.
What is your opinion? 

This is on my mind this morning because I WAS a poet once upon a time.
I was someone who… wrote poems!
It was my entire world. It was a real thing. Not just something I thought about.
MFA from Iowa (in case y’all wondering why you like my writing) but no one ever taught me HOW to write.

And I no longer write poems (except the two I started last year in a flash of wild inspiration).
I made a choice when Saturn was transiting my 2nd House.
That I had to make a better living. Put my energy THERE.
And yeah I sought it through… ASTROLOGY BLOGGING.
Turned out to be true.

My point in telling this story:

I am wondering how MISS X feels in relation to this question:
does SHE feel that she is ultimately where she belongs. 

I’ll tell you what I see:

Saturn conjunct her Neptune by transit.
Neptune rules dreams but also disappointment.
In her 11th House! The House of Your Fondest Hopes & Dreams

Is this not a reality check, Miss X?
Is this not the dream made real?
Is this not the dream dying and hmm may not be reborn through the slog until AFTER Saturn crawls through your 12th?

I am an esoteric metaphysical poetic PRACTICAL astrologer for you and yours 🙂 and I feel your pain through the little glimpses you give me

And I am no fan of Saturn Neptune, Saturn Pisces, Saturn 12th House transits. Head above water head above water head above water how to keep head above water. BY LEARNING HOW TO SWIM. That’s how.

I did an impromptu reading for someone the other day, who has Saturn transiting his 12th, after a business meeting, not an astrology person so I was trying to put it in language he could understand about…
needing solitude so he could…
put the disparate pieces together.
Puzzle pieces made of sand.
They keep falling apart.

You know what Saturn through the 12th House is?
You know what Saturn on Neptune is?

And then you may say:
But MoonPluto! ALL transits are learning transits

But you know that I know that you know that I know that SATURN IS THE TEACHER.
The elder.
The wise.
The one who helps hold you up.
The father.
The who carries you and doesn’t let you fall.
Saturn cares. YES I SAID IT. Saturn CARES. Just like your ideal father cares.


But back to Miss X:
Saturn is square her Mercury.
Saturn is square her Venus.
This girl is STUBBORN.
She is set in her ways and Saturn is saying BACK THE FUCK AWAY from backing away.
And I think she feels cold. On the inside. No matter what she does to warm up, no matter how she tries to avoid it, she is starting to think her blood is ice ice ice. SHE CAN’T GET WARM I CAN’T SEEM TO GET WARM WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME (she cries)

BUT SHE’S WRONG. You are wrong, Miss X.

What do you gain by pulling your hand from the fire. What do you lose?
What would you gain by letting it burn instead? What would you lose?

Saturn is trine her Sun and will trine her Chiron. And also making sweet aspects to her Pluto Uranus conjunction. These are NOT crossroads transits.

The problem I see is this.
Miss X *can* ignore.
It won’t bring her to her knees.
But will add stabbing discontent.
And ultimately I think she knows what’s at stake.
And if I tell you that Jupiter is transiting her 7th House, I think you know too.

Love, MP

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