Faith & Problem Solving: Venus square Neptune

"new moon in sagittarius" You don’t how yet, but you will. 

You don’t know exactly how it will pan out, resolve, finish.
But it will.

Because things change. Because it has to change.

Your thoughts on this?

This is today’s theme…….

Under Venus square Neptune one may say:

whatever you discover, whatever you know IS an illusion, is not true.

(Sagittarius tends to pride themselves on their knowing arrived at through reason and logic but with a Neptune square? Ha!)

So I say:

under Venus square Neptune you can come up with ways and means previously mysterious to everyone on planet earth 🙂

Some of these ways and means will unlock your locked door…

Hear that? The wind?

The wind.
Or maybe it’s the sun.
The dust motes.
The traffic.
The eye of the needle
The shake of the cat’s tail.
The first sip of your morning coffee.
The answer is in there between the different sounds of your day. Om.
The sound the books make. Om.
Venus square Neptune is poetry is music. This is not poetry or music this is advice. Om.

Don’t give up on today. Search today. Seek today. And trust beyond reason (says the Venus Neptune square). There is nothing reasonable about a Venus Neptune square. Trust beyond reason that you’ll figure it out AND that it will be good.

Sag wouldn’t settle for anything less. They are stupidly optimistic, up until the last moment. You can probably see one of them now if you go to the window, or from the corner of your eye, down the road, jumping back on her horse, charging off to another land…



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