Exploring Depression: Saturn Or Pluto?

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Disclaimer: no conclusions drawn here. This is an exploratory post. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

I was talking to a fellow astrologer yesterday and the subject of depression came up. He remarked on the association of Pluto with depression, but I’d always seen it as a Saturn thing. Although Pluto does rule what is repressed in a person, Saturn Moon contacts in particular can lead you from simple seriousness to something darker.

Where does Saturn end and Pluto begin when talking about depression? And I’m not saying that he’s wrong and I’m right just that in my own learning and experience, I gave it to Saturn. Now I’m rethinking my position a bit.

When I first think of Pluto I think: power, control, manipulation, sex. With Saturn, right away I think blocks, limits, oppression, depression. With Pluto, depression is farther down on my list. AND YET, if Pluto truly is a depression marker, it surely explains a lot about my own psychology.

AND YET, for me, I think Pluto will continue to be about depth, which need not be depressing. Does my Moon Pluto conjuntion make me depressed? I had never thought of it that way. In fact, it has been the opposite: feeling emotions extremely whereas depression is about NOT feeling. I speak from experience, as someone who has been in therapy, who has been depressed. Now of course I’m not even speaking about transits here, just, simply, about the natal. I think it’s an interesting topic to explore. 🙂

My whole life has been an Earth life. I mean, I’m not about theory; I’m about the individual experience and then how that abstracts to something larger. I feel like convening a committee of depressed astrologers LOL.

Bottom line for me: definitely look at the natal flavor of both Saturn and Pluto and remember that it’s a complex topic just as depression is complex. Still though, in the back of my mind… I have this feeling… that I’m going to give Saturn the lead here. For now 🙂

And you? Thoughts?

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