Expect The Unexpected With Uranus


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I feel like I can’t keep up with my own changes. Uranus rules sudden changes.

I haven’t checked my chart lately but I’m pretty sure there’s some Uranus action going on. What’s happening is happening fast and it’s out of the blue.

Well, actually, it’s not totally out of the blue. I can trace back the history but the… end result, the changes that are happening have been surprises.

I am trying to put it all together, sort of, and find that I can’t, caught between the Piscean flow of transiting planets and my own North Node in Pisces vs all my Virgo which is thinky and wants to understand why what is happening is happening.

Damn. I need to be the High Priestess, don’t I? Accept mystery.

Okay. Pick a card, any card. Let’s draw JUST ONE. Shuffle first. Here we go…

Interesting. The King whose feet don’t touch the ground. I pull two more cards for clarity and the story is told. When I first saw the King of Cups it gave me a negative feel but that neg feel was based on someone else’s interpretation that I recently read. The two additional cards pulled tell me more…

But I digress….

Isabel Hickey wrote that we could not control Uranian energy. I take this to mean that we could work with everything else to some degree – but not Uranus. Too shocking, too out of control, too… inhuman. I mean doesn’t it seem like a force from… I have no clue! Doesn’t feel like God. Feels like… fate. But isn’t fate God? Something about Uranus feels strangely (another Uranus keyword) impersonal and yet… it’s YOUR LIFE. It’s my life. What could be more personal?

The FateMaster has spoken! Such and such will happen! These changes are being brought to you for your own good! The Universe loves you! 

Huh? I don’t think Uranus is saying “the universe loves me” and yet…

Also, changes seem to come to my life in pairs or threes. It’s never just one thing. It’s never just love. It’s love and work. Or work and self-esteem. Or money and moving. Or someone dies and… there’s a rebirth somewhere in my life.

Astrologers are writing a lot about the Uranus Pluto square which gets tighter or looser depending on direct or retrograde motion of these planets. They are slow movers so they dance away or dance closer together.

Uranus brings change. Pluto brings change. Uranus is sudden. Pluto can take years. So the changes I am describing above truly are a product of both.

Find transiting Uranus and Pluto in your natal chart. For me? Uranus is heading to the 8th which is a money house and a house of other people. Pluto is heading to my 5th: a self-expression house but also a house of other people: sex, romance, fun!

Feels like a choice. A hard choice. Between loyalty and commitment and being true vs a… “fuck everything” attitude.

We’re all up against it with this square. How will we change. How will we HAVE TO CHANGE. As my teacher used to say, “Will you go kicking and screaming, or…”

More than ever meditation becomes necessary. To be able to… put aside the monkey mind, the stinky busy gangly jangly monkey mind.

How often do you check your chart? 


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