Exorcism: Full Moon In Scorpio

"full moon in scorpio" I hurt my leg two weeks ago so I didn’t exercise for the two weeks after.

Before I hurt my leg, I was back to exercising, and had been exercising for TWO WEEKS prior.
WTF. What is it with two weeks?

One thing I know for sure: I am going to TAKE IT EASY.

Another thing I know for sure: overall I have less pain in my body now.
Less physical pain, less emotional pain.
I finished exercising this and I realized it.

Because I didn’t cry. Sometimes my workouts would make me cry.
Not out of physical pain no, but yes out of pushing myself past what is comfortable and all this accumulated emotion and energy would flood out.
It felt GOOD.

Like massages do. Or acupuncture. Oh man I have cried rivers of tears after acupuncture.
Orgasm too is similar. Draw back the bow then let it soar. And then land.

This Full Moon in Scorpio can perhaps usher in for you a similar condition. If you set an intention.
Yes, I believe in setting intentions for Full Moons too. Letting go = less pain.

What do you want to surrender. What do you want to lay down. What do you want to give away because you JUST DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE.

Is it a state of mind? A person? A habit? A home. You don’t live there anymore.

Jupiter is trine Chiron this day. And Venus (conjunct Uranus) is square Pluto.
The Moon is extraordinarily well-aspected HOWEVER it is also conjunct Saturn.

I don’t think this is bad. I swear!

But I DO think this Full Moon is about your WORK. What you do with your day. And not necessarily about the daily-do of the mundane (although that figures in) but instead YOUR PURPOSE. The reason why you’re here!

Full Moons are endings. Consummation. Completion. What you’ve been working for.
I can see some of you with your head in your heads. Feeling more impasse than anything.
Still I suggest you take some time out to reflect.

Exorcism: to drive out, cast out, expel, purge, purify, cleanse. Is this not Scorpio? Is this not what Pluto does?
It is terrifying while it happens, as it happens, but sometimes there’s no other way.
And once it’s over you can cry over all the things you said or didn’t say, didn’t do or did do, and know that you don’t even have to bury it. Because that time is gone and it’s never coming back. You made it.

Love, MP


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