Ever See A North Node Conjunct The Sun Or Moon? Fascinating!

"north  node in scorpio"I love working with and talking about the Nodes, the transiting Nodes as well as your natal axis.

A reader was wondering about natal aspects to the Nodes and I do think they are important, like anything, everything else in the chart, but again I’m probably a case-by-case astrologer most of all.

Often I will see hard aspects to the North Node and immediately, yes, I go AHA a challenge is afoot! It’s hard to get there! Feels built it. That once you find the Node then you KNOW something’s gonna make it even tougher, right?

Recently, with my astro software program, I widened the orbs a bit and noticed an out of sign trine that I never knew I had and it was to my North Node. I smiled. 🙂 The goal for me then was to… activate that trining planet and THROUGH that planet and sign’s energy… I’d get to my North Node that much quicker, better, and bigger.

Are you nodally challenged? Do your Nodes make sense to you?

Love, MP

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