Estimated Time Of Arrival, Estimated Time Of Departure: Sagittarius Season

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Leaving can be good or bad or neutral. It depends on the context.

Here’s one example: when you stop dreaming of him (or her) then you know it’s Really Over. When he (or she) stops coming to you in your dreams. When you spend hours *not* thinking of him (or her). When you no longer imagine your arms around him before sleep, and after sleep, and during sleep. It’s over then. The energy has shifted. Free at last.

Is this where you are? 

I am telling this story because Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius and the Sun will enter Sagittarius next week and Sagittarius is really good at, well, leaving.

But there comes a time in the life of the archer, there comes a time when the wanderer, there comes a time when the most free of free men and women, when the not so lonely horseman or horsewoman wants to make a home.

Is this you?

Welcome Sun in Sagittarius! I’m a wee bit early, I know, but my Virgo Moon wouldn’t have it any other way

So get ready to pack up your Scorpio, get ready to pack up your dark clothes and your dark mood and your disguises and your private talk and your subterfuge and your covert and your manipulation and your jealousy and your power play and your knives and your ghosts and your dead friends and your passion and your profundity.

Well, actually you can keep all that stuff.  Just smile, too, like a good Sagittarius.


Are you coming or going? 

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