Eris, Goddess of Discord

A lovely lady in one of the chatrooms started a thread about Eris and I am passionate about the “new” astrology because… this stuff isn’t written in stone yet. There’s no canon. There’s no authority. Not yet. Not enough data.

Dwarf planet Eris was discovered *only* in 2005 and YES there is much to read on-line about her and yet… YOU DECIDE.

Read the myth. Read what’s out there. Use your critical mind. Use your creative mind. Plot her in your natal chart. What does she aspect? What do you notice?

I’m not going to spoon feed you this stuff. Do your own research on the Goddess of Discord! My main point is this: don’t be a sheep. Don’t accept what’s accepted. Read, explore, be critical.

I tend to worry that she’ll “just” be considered a Pluto-lite type energy or a more stabby Lillith and that would do her a disservice! She has her own story. She needs her own keywords. And that’s where YOU come in, oh my little astro-pioneers! Exciting, isn’t it? I think so.

So. Goddess of Discord. And THEN WHAT? What is past discord? To me she is the discord and fury of someone who has been bullied. Left out, right? Homicidal discord.

And I will answer my own question now and give you my own interpretation copyright MoonPluto 🙂

What is past fury, MoonPluto? REGRET is past fury (in a sane person). In an INsane person, it’s just more of the same: more fury. Or apathy. Sadism.

So, for me, Eris is where you will feel/discover your emotional LIMIT and thus where you will EXPAND without breaking, making room for MORE of who you are. Or you will snap.

These thoughts are my own, but don’t trust my version of things. Make your own discoveries 🙂

According to the Time Passages app on my phone (I love this thing!) Eris is at 21 degrees Aries (retrograde) and oh yes she is looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Mars in Libra 😉

Love, MP

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