Entering Scorpio Season

The Sun today is at 5 degrees Scorpio.

Question: what ritual did you perform to enter Scorpio Season?  What offering did you leave at Pluto’s altar?  It’s not too late, you know.

Remember that a ritual is something physical, tangible, suffused with an idea, thought, intention.  Your intention, your thought, your idea i.e. it’s personal!

I grew up in a religious home. Well, we got less religious as the years passed. Long story there. My point is that rituals and ritualizing is second-nature to me although I didn’t realize it for many years.  And although I am not traditionally religious now, I understand the human need to sanctify not only space, but time.  That’s what the Sabbath is.  That’s what holidays are: sanctified, sacred, time.

So before the days pile on and Scorpio Season becomes Sagittarius Season, do a ritual, set an intention. Recall what you know about Scorpio and Pluto and what Scorpio and Pluto mean to you. Consider intimacy, sex, death, metamorphosis, shared resources, energy exchange.

Mark this time in your life because it won’t come again —  late October 2011.

I believe your soul will live again, but this body? Now? This is it it. This is your time to express gratitude, to bring gifts to the temple, to make some sense of what this time of year means to you, and, above all, to go deep and reflect on… what you want your life to look like.

What does Scorpio mean to you? 

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