Emmylou Harris Has Venus In The 8th House

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There’s this one Emmylou Harris song that I keep returning to so I thought I’d look up her chart.

Well, it figures. Cancer Rising, Virgo Moon, Aries Sun. I love the fire-water combination: it’s like Mama and Papa in one body. And what’s not to love about insanely analytical Virgo Moon 😉 With her Moon in the 2nd house, do you think she thinks a lot about her stuff? Virgo Moon tends to feel by thinking.  I bet her stuff is organized and luxe. Remember, the 2nd House is Taurus’ natural house.

Venus in Pisces in the 8th is spiritual and sexual and you can hear this when she sings. Saturn and Pluto in the 1st House is deadly serious (eh too wide to be considered conjunct). I look up this stuff usually out of curiosity, without a plan to really analyze it but then I do! Just a little 🙂

Even though there is much to consider in a natal chart, it’s helpful, and fun, to start simply, to go around the wheel and hmm Sun is where and hmm Moon is there and hmm will ya just look at that? And that’s how astrologers are born 🙂 By the hmm.

Have you looked up any “celebrity” charts lately? Hmm?

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