Eight Of Swords And Saturn Retrograde: A Sign Will Come

I was coming home from the vet with Goldy and my cab driver asks me what my sign is.

Astrology is following me 🙂 I didn’t bring up the topic, I swear!

Cancer, I say and then I ask him his. He doesn’t want to tell me so I guess Scorpio.

No. Aries, he says. And I learn a few things about him. First wife: Libra. Second wife: Gemini. He liked the Libra better. Two kids back in Egypt.

I wasn’t feeling overly chatty and started feeling even less chatty when he asked me if I had a boyfriend, what sign he was, and did my boyfriend live with me. And then he mentioned how he didn’t have any change and how he could go get some. Yeah, right. Me and a crying cat in a carrier really want to drive around the block.

Another morning in the Big City.

Goldy back home with half a “lion cut,” some badly matted fur that needed shaving.

How does this relate to the stars? Well, the Sun did enter Pisces in my 6th House (pets!) and I came home and did housework, also 6th House, the daily-do.

Moon in Gemini today, creating a Yod with Pluto and Saturn (in sextile).

The Yod is… a fragile connection. Sextiles are strong but the inconjunct can make a mess. That Moon in Gemini just won’t stay put. She’s all over the place. Saturn and Pluto try to reign her in and then pow yang! The aspect perfects and… we settle down. At least until the Moon squares Mars in Pisces 😉 This day feels itchy, edgy, yoddy to me.

Being a grown-up isn’t easy (says my Cancer stellium square Jupiter) but it feels really good when I exercise those muscles. Which reminds me, when Mars was in Virgo for ALL THOSE MONTHS and transiting my 1st House, I joined the gym. I eventually quit, let the membership run out, but now I’m back, working those muscles too.

Growing up is Cancer’s job. What is Pisces job? To separate. To discern. Shit from gold.

Saturn goes retrograde today. Saturn compels us to take responsibility and be mature so… what happens when Saturn looks back? Do we become children again? No. But I think we… resist in different ways than when Saturn is direct. The image I’m getting is of something stuck between the teeth. Try as you might, you just can’t clear it. If only Saturn transits were that simple 😉

Let’s ask the Tarot (my favorite thing these days) for some wisdom: Eight of Swords. I love what Juliet Sharman-Burke has to say about this card. That despite any “fear or indecision, a sign will come to show you the way.”


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