Editing the Ghost: Mercury Opposition Neptune

"new moon in virgo" So, my friends, Mercury is already in alert, articulate Virgo and opposes Neptune today. I wrote in the chatroom that this is like editing a ghost.

Mercury is the critic and Neptune… You can’t wrap your arms around Neptune. It has no shape, no form. BUT IT EXISTS. It’s that feeling when you enter a beautiful old church (or your choice of sacred venue) and you feel the presence of Holy Spirit, The Connect. I find it hard to put into words. That’s Neptune too. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that I feel — that I remember feeling from my youngest days, sitting next to my mother in shul, with her twining my hair behind my ear, reading to me from Bereshis (Genesis, the Creation Story). And maybe this feeling… oh I’m having a revelation as I type this… maybe this feeling that I feel that I connect with GOD or the Divine is actually HER experience of the Divine. Hmm. I think I like that.

Nothing was ever perfect at home. In fact sometimes things were downright criminal. This is a living example of Mercury Neptune in opposition. It’s not either/or. It’s both/and. Making room for both. Acknowledgement of when it was really really bad (sharp and clear Mercury in Virgo). Acknowledgement of Neptune tenderness. I see her face on my face. Her expressions.

This week Mercury also makes a trine to Pluto. Did you know one of Isabel Hickey’s keywords for Pluto is Illumination? Light? Grace?

Mercury opposition Neptune and trine Pluto. How much grace can you handle?
Sing for it.

The Sun — our universal seasonal essence – enters VIRGO on the 22nd. Keyword: Harvest:  Take what you need and leave the rest. And that is Virgo’s PERFECTION, desire for perfection: she can’t carry it all. She can’t bear it all, although she usually does, like the 10 of Wands. Instead she must sift and sort and thus make room — increase space within her agitated Mercury mind. She must create space not only for her own peace of mind and in service for the peace of mind of those in her environment but also create space for what comes next: winter.

See, not only does she gather the fruit crop in her basket, but winter light too, and thus she puts it aside, keeps it safe, for later. Releases it into the world at the right time.
"mercury opposition neptune"

YES THE TAROT CLINIC WILL HAPPEN. Beginners and all levels are welcome but we’ll be starting in the *middle*
I want to talk about reversed card meanings (theories of, and discussion of some individual cards)
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I want to talk about YOUR favorite cards — ones that particularly vex you
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AND ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Not 78 cards but Mini-Verisions and do readings for each other from these. YES WE WILL CREATE OUR OWN SYSTEMS OF DIVINATION. And of course there will be other exercises and signposts and discussion topics along the way but that’s my primary agenda above. Your Tarot Topics will be welcome as well.

Class will be month-long. We can take our time 🙂
Secret Group on Facebook, go at your own pace, lurk or participate.

I’m still working on the START DATE. I could go with September 1st — OR if enough interest is shown — a week from today. I’m willing to take your preferences into consideration.

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Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

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