Eclipse In My Third House: The Deluge

Hmmm mental health.

All this Scorpio action is in my Third House of THE MIND, of THINKING. Communication. Writing. MERCURY.

And Mercury is retrograde and the New Moon and the North Node and the Saturn and the BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.


All in Scorpio, everyone’s favorite party animal (not really), sign of, yes, SEX, DEATH, REBIRTH, and (say it together now) OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY (i.e. other people’s RESOURCES). What YOU have and what THEY want. And vice versa.

What is YOUR currency, my friend? And what is his? What is hers? Are you taking? Or are you being taken from? Or is it all kosher where you are? Fair and equal distribution? Oh. Wait. We’re not in Libra Season anymore? 😉

And I am doing pretty well mentally, thank you for asking, despite the pile-up from Scorpio fun house in my Third — and since Saturn cleared his shadow, I’m doing even better. And physically: sleeping well, back in an exercise routine (every other day), not really watching my sugar but not feeling guilty about it (for the first time ever maybe, a good affect of Married Life, less food guilt). MARS IS IN VIRGO, people! HEALTH IS WEALTH.

And yesterday I was about to, so I thought, lock myself into a beneficial therapeutic situation. I’d gone through the process at a clinic. Intake after intake after intake after intake and then FINALLY yesterday was the day. Like dating. Who had they matched me up with? I walked in the office. My jaw dropped.

Did she even have her period yet? YES, that young. Pre-Saturn return? Pfffft.

And I don’t know about you, but I am 43 and Saturn (WISDOM) is the topmost planet in my chart and there is just NO WAY, NO FUCKING WAY.

(Nothing against young people. I love the Pluto in Scorpio generation BUT…). I am allowed to… decide such things, aren’t I? To say no, aren’t I? To make decisions, aren’t I? Rather than just accept and STFU.

And that is but PART of my personal Eclipse story (which isn’t until Sunday) but the stories of our lives actually never stop being told. They just have high points and low points and crescendos. Oh and those deadly dull moments. And crisis. I’ll take dull over crisis. I’m one of those people who doesn’t get bored, but I digress…

Since this New Moon/Eclipse is in Scorpio, NOT feeling is NOT an option. And this is different than depression although it may play out that way for you.

This is about the raw truth of YOUR authenticity. YOUR life. Are you living YOUR life? Or someone else’s? What someone else wants for you? WHAT DO YOU WANT? And if it involves waiting for others to change or manipulating others to get what you want, then… you’re doing the ECLIPSE wrong.

And you don’t want to do the Eclipse WRONG do you?

Good Morning higher vibration of Scorpio! Let the sun shine in!

I know you’re tired, you’re fed up, humiliated, your glory is hidden under bills and bad relationships and FEAR,  but I’m to tell you…


The NEW START in your Scorpio House (at or around 11 degrees) is a REAL one.

Love, MP


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