Easy: Jupiter in VIRGO sextile Sun (by transit)

"jupiter sextile sun" All day I’ve been thinking about what to write, what to write, what to write. I feel quiet. Not sleepy. Not without thought. In fact, in my readings I feel like I’m yelling at people, gently kindly, grandmotherly help 🙂 but the writing, the words… I’m not feeling the compulsion, desire. So here I am trying to force it a little. It’s my job. Can’t you leave you all alone.

This week, to me, is a bit astrologically boring which really isn’t so bad, considering how it’s been. Friday the Scorpio Sun will trine Neptune. Saturday is Halloween and Sunday Mercury enters Scorpio. As I write it is a void of course moon in Taurus (slow) and sometimes that does lend itself to more inner and less outer work BUT STILL… makes me wonder where the words went.

And on Facebook I was asking folks their favorite Scorpio traits… That kind of day 🙂 I haven’t even listed my own favorites yet!

Oh in the chat rooms I’ve been talking about decluttering. Okay that’s what I’ll do. Tell you about my day. My day is transiting Jupiter sextile my Sun and decluttering. Bags of trash. Just took out the trash and the idea that I am moving into my apartment all over again even though I’ve been here almost a year and a half.

Client conversations revolved around career and BIG CHANGES. One gal in particular, we were talking about her inability to create structure in her life, routine (yes it was painfully obvious from the chart) and I said to her: THIS IS WHAT I DO.

I help people de-clutter. I tidy their minds. They give me their confusion and I do my best to help sort it through.

I ordered in. It was good. It rained all day. Wind and rain. I meditated. Sent healing to a beloved animal and… sometimes slow days are the best days.

What about you? Slow day? Or… ???