"earthquake in NYC"
Hey New York!

The first astrologer I ever spoke to — I was in my early 20s I think — told me that my Moon Pluto conjunction meant that I tuned-in to the collective. I could feel what they were feeling and may have a hard time separating their feelings from my own. Like having antennae, picking up frequencies, static.

I felt this profoundly today after the earthquake (which was felt in New York City) and I emailed a friend and described what I was feeling, feelings that I was pretty sure didn’t originate with me. They were outside me.

And even if there was “nothing” to survive, no damage, no injury, we were confused, afraid. Afraid of the unfamiliar. And of course flashbacks to 9/11. People were evacuating buildings, walking down stairs, 40+ flights… just like people did 10 years ago. The body doesn’t CARE what is happening, whether the threat is real or not. It reacts. That’s what bodies DO. And maybe someone heading out of a building today also ran for their life that other day. Adrenalin.

I never look up or think about the astrology of world events or natural disasters. But maybe that will change. Right after the earthquake, a couple of folks on Twitter asked my opinion. I was at work and couldn’t really look up the planets at the time even though I had a good idea in my mind of where they were. Thing is though, I’m more likely to tell you about yourself or your boyfriend than about an earthquake.

But I thought to myself: treat the event like a person with a personality, a soul.  Same thing. So what kind of person earthquaked the East Coast today? Sun in Virgo: mild-mannered… didn’t look up the Moon placement yet…. but Venus in VirgoMars in Cancer... I really don’t feel I can pull in the Uranus Pluto square which has been active and will be active for years yet. Mercury Rx in Leo…

I’m sorry but he sounds like a nice guy 😉  Even with Mars square Saturn. And maybe that’s why this earthquake didn’t hurt us. The earthquake was a Virgo and being picky. We weren’t important enough in the Big City to rattle more.

There are things that happen in our lives that we can not imagine… And then they happen. Like how I felt after the earthquake: defenseless, open, full of something like… love.

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