Earth And Water Living Together: Renewable Energy

"South node in Leo"
Taurus the Bull!

I love the sounds of the morning: my roommate pouring cereal in a bowl. The opening of the refrigerator door. Funny, I didn’t think she ate cereal… and now I hear the clinking of the spoon against her usual mug. Maybe she was pouring something else and yet it sounded like cereal flakes pouring, hmm…

I don’t need to talk to her unless I NEED to talk to her. I take in her energy. Absorb it. And I need to find a new phrase, new words, to express this experience and maybe I’ll find it as I write here now. She’s got a ton of Taurus and Moon in Virgo and her mere presence gives me something to lean on.

I especially like these sounds on winter mornings. And you know how in movies, in quiet scenes, you can hear these kitchen sounds amplified? Don’t you love that? I love that. The opening of a candy wrapper. Toast popping up. Water running.

I begin to wonder what I am for her and I have a feeling that she doesn’t do the energy-thing like I do but with her Virgo Moon she’s the type of person who will welcome this question and process along with me. Actually, she’ll process it to a degree that I can’t even imagine. Maybe I take in her energy, transform it, renew it, give it back, but honestly I don’t know.

I don’t have Scorpio planets per se (except for Neptune) but no doubt my Moon Pluto is this absorbing/filtering system and yes I’m still looking for another set of words, another metaphor. Maybe you can relate and maybe you have some ideas, especially you Scorpio or Pluto people or 8th House people out there. Help me find the words 🙂

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