Dust Off The Altar! Neptune’s In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Where you *will be* is what you cannot imagine now even though it isn’t that far away. That’s how I was feeling earlier today.

And then I remembered that Neptune is in Pisces now = have faith.

Have you had this experience? Of not being able to imagine your future? Before I had my first short play produced, I could not picture it. And then it happened.

Neptune and Pisces ask you, dare you, to imagine, to have faith that your confusion is only an illusion.

If you have an altar at home, dust it off this weekend. Give it a kiss and a hug. Neptune may rule uncertainty but Neptune also rules the spiritual and space and poetry. Consider making your dreams solid. How? Intention, ritual, magic, ground.

Where is transiting Neptune for you? THAT is where you will find the poetry of your life *right now*


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Leo (which are kinda like mini-transit readings). Look here for Astrology stuff and here for Tarot stuff and don’t forget the Testimony!

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