Me And My Venus: Dumb About The Penis People

"Venus Trine Uranus"
A Streetcar Named Desire

So I was talking to my boyfriend and I was remembering that my natal Uranus trines his Venus, exact I think. And I said to him, “Venus trine Uranus! Your love shocks me.” It’s a good shock though. It’s a trine. But a shock all the same. Shockingly good. Shockingly loving. Loving the shocks. Whatever. Electric Luv.

And then he said that he was like a little kid with a crush. That he liked shocking me.

And then a light went off in my head and this light also spoke. The light said to me: DUH. And I said to myself, and to him, I am DUMB about the Penis People. Um, was dumb.

Freud asked “What do women want?” But I have had to learn what do men want. Something so simple, as basic as a boy with a crush on a girl…

Give me 12th House issues? Got it. Give me Venus Saturn? Got it. Venus Neptune? That too. The agony and the ecstasy and the obsession? Been there. Yep. Hand me your tired, your weary, your emotionally spent, your dark night of the soul. I’ve walked in those shoes. But this? This pure feeling? So sweet and childlike?

Let me tell you: Moon Pluto people are not normal. We did not have normal lives. Crushes? Childhood? Was there a childhood? There was not a childhood. I have so many sextiles in my chart that I wonder if the chart looks as dark as it was, as it is, growing up. I wonder this.

So here I am, a grown woman needing a code-breaking and I’m grateful my boyfriend (such a silly word but it makes me smile inside) can translate for me when he realizes that’s the problem.

I am getting less dumb about the Penis People. Are you?

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