Dude! Moon Is Void Of Course In Pisces!

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

The Moon is about to go Void of Course (actually she just did, during the writing of this blog post) which means she won’t make any more major aspects to the transiting planets and it’s a long-ish Void of Course Moon. She doesn’t enter Aries until almost 6pm today (Big City time!)

Void of Course energy is *not* good for starting new projects or making plans or talking about what you gonna do! Better to rest and relax. Yeah right. How many of us can sit around resting and relaxing whenever a VoC happens? Nevertheless, try to take it easy today. Take the pressure off. Know you may feel… waaaaay more in tune with the ether than usual! More in tune with spiritual awareness and psychic feelings and the random crazies hanging out around your apartment building 😉

Go inward. Do inward. Venus also stations retrograde this morning so, hey, the day’s a write-off ;).

Take these hours to catch-up with your ghosts and angels, to cat-nap, and to return to an idea from yesterday’s blog post, take this day to remember your dream. What was it? Do you want to call it back to your life? Or is it gone for good? Review your dreams no matter where Venus retrograde AND the Gemini Eclipse are happening in your chart.

This is your one and only holy life. BE IN IT.

And now? Breakfast 🙂

Love, MP

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