Double Cancer, Double ???

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
cancer the crabby crab crab!

So I was having lunch with an old friend today, a late lunch, and we became friends because I became his cat sitter, some years back. We frequented the same bakery where I would get my coffee and he would get his… I don’t remember.  Anyway, where I live is like a small town and we both would chit-chat with the girl behind the counter, and… to make a long story short, now we’re going to be gym buddies.

Oy. What did I do.

And he’s a Cancer Sun. I need to look up his chart although I don’t have a time of birth for him and I am so damn curious now because he was doing this THING that reminded me of myself but WORSE. And I thought: self? Is it the Cancer? Or does he have planets in Virgo? Or maybe it’s the combo. And it was making me nutty. It was aggressive in its expression. HE WAS PLANNING EVERYTHING.

See, he injured his shoulder so he was very anxious about how to get in and out of the pool and anxious about this and anxious about that and planning planning planning planning out loud, in his head, out loud and I said to him: Oh. I do that. But usually only in a crisis. I think.

This IS a crisis, Aliza! he bellowed. It really was a bellow. Or something between a bellow and a shriek.

And I thought to myself: self! The way I am experiencing him, is this the way others experience me???

I mean he was all over the place and I tend to think of myself as being, well, somewhat self-contained. (Don’t laugh.)

And then I realized that I do plan — and not just in a crisis — I leap out of bed in the morning (once I decide I’ve slept enough) and in my head (or with a list) figure out the day, everything that has to get done, household, work, cats, people, and now… GYM.

Oy. What did I do.

It will be good, I tell myself. It will be good. Mars will be in Virgo until early July, which will mostly be a first house transit for me and I expect to have some, um, energy.

I’m sure you’ve found your Virgo House by now, so answer me a different question: do you have friends of the same Sun sign? Are you more alike or different? 

Oh. And another odd thing: the woman who gave us a tour of the gym: also a Cancer. And her husband, the manager, a Cancer. There was at least 5 minutes when there were FOUR CANCERS in one small room. And nobody cried.


Contact Me to talk about your chart! And yes I will be doing Mini-Moon readings for the potent New Moon Solar Eclipse. 

And a PSA: I’m putting the Planetary Round-Up on ice for now. I gave myself toooo much stuff to do. I enjoyed it though and hope to pick it up again in 2012. Thanks to those who supported it!! I hope you enjoyed it and miss it and will say ahhhh so glad it’s back once it’s back.

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