Don’t Shut the Door: Venus Square Saturn, Part Three

So what will help the Venus square Saturn native? Age (Saturn), experience (Saturn), steadfastness (more Saturn), time (Saturn, again). And not shutting the door. Not… turning up your nose at what is offered. I tend to identify the Four of Cups with refusal, which reminds me of Venus square Saturn.

"Venus square Saturn"
Venus square Saturn and the Four of Cups.

What does it mean to not shut the door? It means that when someone gives you news of your Venus square Saturn in action or you yourself notice it, that you are in a cycle of rejection, of self or other, that you don’t shut down, that you don’t give up and think to self: hopeless hopeless hopeless, I’ll never learn (Saturn).ย Because Venus square Saturn guarantees that you will learn time and time again

I am fixated on this aspect because I live with this aspect every day and it has dogged me throughout my romantic life and I am working (Saturn) with it now because I want love (Venus). I want lasting (Saturn) love (Venus). And I know I’m not the only one. And I know there are other aspects, other difficult aspects. The power and desire of Venus Pluto, the hot and cold of Venus Mars, the runaway thrill of Venus Uranus, the sad confusion of Venus Neptune.

But as Saturn finishes his time in Libra and moves into, yes, Scorpio, sign of sex, our greatest intimacy, we have the opportunity to learn about love. Venus Saturn.

Why else are we here? Can you think of anything better to do with your time? I can’t.

Love is one of life’s greatest pleasures, if not the greatest, ecstatically so. Mysterious, yes. Magical, yes. Practical, yes. I’m not talking about illusions and delusions (Venus Neptune) but real love (Venus Saturn). Real love is mysterious and magical.

So when the cup is offered to you, what do you do? Venus square Saturn is a heart that opens (Venus) and shuts (Saturn). Tight. Restricted. Can’t breathe. Must breathe. Must let Venus breathe. Where does she live in your chart. There’s room in there, I promise you, even when Venus square Saturn makes you feel ugly, unworthy. The truth is that no one is ugly no matter how much they believe it is so. Our faces are soft, all of us.

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