Don’t Bleed Out (Ten Of Swords)

So I just did my *What Now* Tarot spread (for those times when you feel stuck, blocked) and I still have the cards out.

I wrote down the results in my Tarot ¬†journal, what I think it means, and I’m still awed by how accurate and moving this spread was for me.

And one of my cards was the 10 of Swords. The one we all love to see ūüėČ End of a cycle blah blah blah but that’s rarely satisfying to tell oneself or anyone else, but this is, after, a spread about feeling stuck. Is the “end” on the way?

Look at him. All those swords in his back. Feel it? Blood on the ground or is it only his cloak (this is a rhetorical question by the way). We don’t know for sure. He’s not looking at us. His head is turned. But his hand is in a mudra. It’s a sign.¬†He’s in transition. End of a cycle, yessssss. This card is most definitely an END.

Do we pull out the swords? How? Somebody has to help us. Save us.

I wrote this in my book: Gently. Don’t bleed out.

This was the third card I pulled, and for the position of “What To Do – actions or thought processes” and the more I tune-in to this card, the more this card feels like (a) death. That the changes to come (good ones – majority of clear positive cards in this spread) are… comprehensive. No Tower card here, but the Wheel of Fortune.

Acceptance. This card is telling me STOP holding on. You know how we tend to hold on to people or situations that blatantly SUCK? Well, stop it. Changes are coming.

In summary ūüôā when you see the 10 of Swords, make a sign and surrender.

Love, MP


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