Don’t Ask Why Build: Mars in Virgo 2011

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo!

Virgos tend to have a lot of nervous energy. They need something to do with their hands. Something. Anything. Recently I saw this dude on the subway, all spiffy and hipstery and knitting and I thought: aha! That’s my Mars in Virgo Superhero!

Virgos also tend to ask WHY and HOW, but Mars is fast, Mars is speed, Mars DOES and maybe this will make Virgos ask WHY faster and more often, but, instead, why not BUILD instead of asking WHY BUILD.ย 

You want me to quote the Nike slogan, right? Just do it, Virgo!

And everyone until early July is getting a tasty taste of Virgo life and living due to Mars. Yes, you too may find yourself more critical, more analytical, more given to classifying your every urge and thought. Could be fun. For some.

But for you Virgos? This is your chance to NOT ask WHY build but instead to get the bricks and stones and start doing it doing it doing it.


Someone wise once told me that I couldn’t solve my problems by using the mind and tactics that created the problems in the first place. Couldn’t use my Virgo Moon-Mind to find my personal Nirvana or solution and I believe he was right. He was also a Virgo Rising.

I’ve talked about this a lot on here, that the solution to your problem is to look to the opposing sign and then look to the signs that square. What qualities do they have that you need?

Tangent Alert! I was just reading feedback from a client who got a New Moon reading from me and it made me think about what I do. I do Pisces. That’s how I can do my work, this work.

Pisces is my North Node and of course opposes all my Virgo stuff and Pisces FORGETS and to do this work I need to forget my why and my how and myself. I mean I don’t forget my astrology (and of course as a Virgo Moon, I enjoy reviewing it and always learning) but I also NEED to forget it when I sit down to a reading so that the Other Stuff can come through.

Ah. Yes. The Other Stuff.ย 

Virgo needs to not ask WHY or HOW but just DO and it’s not an easy lesson. It’s probably not an easy lesson for you to learn the ways of your opposing signs either. But it’s GOOD when you can get there. Makes life better ๐Ÿ™‚ Like a good sandwich. Know the feeling? You’re starving, just walked in the door, don’t want to cook, and all you have is some cheese or meat or both and mayo or mustard or both and not even the best bread in the world but it’s the BEST SANDWICH EVER.

How do you make life better? Do you do the sign that opposes your Sun or Moon?ย 

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