Doing Battle: Mars In The 1st House By Transit

"mars conjunct pluto"
photo from my short play BLOOD: Mars conjunct Pluto is messier than this but so be it!

I had some revelations on the treadmill this morning as I was yelling at someone on my Facebook page —

Someone who was criticizing my life. Someone who doesn’t know anything about my life. An old college boyfriend. As if I would go onto his page — or anyone’s page – and comment on their LIFE.  I don’t. I won’t. But I tend to attract this energy. People project, people give me their two cents, people tell me I’m weird, give me advice etc etc etc advice I never ask for.

Fuck ’em. I shall laugh all the way to heaven. Or to the bank. Or both. I’m doing my thing. I know I’m on the right track. How do I know this? Because I am having a MARS TRANSIT TO MY 1ST HOUSE and my ego is flowing like a motherfucker. E G O.


Mars on Pluto can be ruthless. You know this, right? I ain’t ruthless but I am Energy Incarnate at this moment.

Mars Pluto people, natally, MUST use their power for good. 

Mars through the 1st House demands ALL CAPS at times.

The 1st House: WHO YOU ARE + YOUR BODY + ALL THAT FLOWS THROUGH YOUR BODY. And it will flow – if you LET IT. Don’t block the energy. Let it snake out.

Now, lucky me, my Moon and Pluto are well aspected, sextiled, all around my chart — but having Mars transit this conjunction as well as the recent transiting Moon, it’s safe to say that I’m amped up. It’s safe to say I have overdone it at the gym and was away for a week and happy to return today and WOW: I am grateful, so grateful, for this transit and for my healthy body and my functioning limbs because I RAN and ran and ran. Jogged too. And walked. Incline or not. But I ran and felt so good my heart is thanking me a 1000 times over. I am becoming the athlete I was meant to be. It runs in the family just like being overweight runs in the family.

But back to the Facebook incident: Mars in the 1st can make people come at you, for better or worse — your energy is a magnet. Mars in the 7th? You are going to start the war. And actually I think it goes both ways and swirls around and the 7th House projects (yes, it does) and it’s hard to know who is who. It’s the axis of me vs. not-me.

Mars is the Warrior. Mars in the 1st House DOES BATTLE.  I am defending ME. My body. My choices. My life. Too much? Hell yes! Mars on Pluto, baby! 

Now if you want to come up against transiting Mars conjuncting someone’s natal Moon and Pluto? Do so at your own risk. You could find yourself jettisoned with a smile.

How do you experience Mars transiting your 1st House?


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