Does Your Venus Fit You?

"venus in leo"

I wanted to use the word pathos but pathos implies pity and it’s not pity that gets inspired in me. It’s feeling. A dramatic arc to his life that I feel.

My Venus is in Leo. I don’t always identify with it – the desire for the drama the big gesture.

It can be the way they live – even if the way they live… how to put it… even if the way they live is not AcademyAwards. It’s more Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of the best writing and art and acting you can find is found Off-Off Broadway. My short plays have been there. I know how it is.

My Venus is in the 12th House but it’s still Leo. Hidden Leo. And I like to read descriptions of the planets in the signs to see if I recognize myself. And my Venus in Leo never made that much sense to me until this morning when I realized, partly, why I was attracted to a certain someone. Venus is what we prefer. What draws us in.

For me, drama is depth. Not melodrama. Real drama when the emotional intensity is genuine. This is not a contradiction. The feelings that I put in my plays are real. The characters are real.

So when I read that Venus in Leo loves to be the center of attention or is caught up in clothing and appearances, I don’t relate. And I don’t even think of myself as all that theatrical. It’s what I feel from the OTHER.

Look deeply into someone, without trying, just by knowing them, if you shush up your own stuff, you will feel their arc and their journey and their sorrow and without pity. And nothing needs to be done with it. You feel it. The energy of his life (soul energy?) draws me in.

Is that love? The energy of a life that draws you in? No, that’s not all it is.

Funny thoughts for a Thursday morning.

My Venus in Leo wants someone who doesn’t give up, doesn’t stop trying. The drama of the journey of a life.

Does your Venus fit you?

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