Does The Moon Affect You?

"moon square saturn"I was feeling contemplative this morning, which made me want to check on the Moon because the Moon represents our feelings and sometimes it IS that straightforward, especially if our charts are being affected, aspected.

I was right. The Moon in Taurus is on my natal Saturn right now. Actually, applying to my Saturn. Applying means it’s not exact yet. It’s on the way.

Moon and Saturn together are serious (Saturn) feelings (Moon). I have the natal trine which of course feels a bit better, trines signifying ease, but who wants Saturn touching their family, their most personal personal? Their home? It can make you work extra hard (Saturn) to make your family, your emotional existance (Moon) just the way you want it.

And Saturn always slows us down, don’t you think? He’s not Mars (fast). He’s not bubbly (Jupiter). He’s not adorable (Venus). He’s Saturn! He’s strict. And when he’s involved with your Moon, natally or by transit, he can’t help but make you wise in the process. Do you agree?


What are you feeling today? 

Love, MP

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