Do You Trust Your Guides? (Part Two: My Story)

"saturn in scorpio"First of all, thanks for all the comments, conversation, on my Twin Flame/Soul Mate/Spirit Guide posts. I am loving researching these topics and your thoughts are part of it. I am still catching up with the comments actually. Uranus going direct has made everything speed up.

This blog post is going to wind and wander…

Now I want to share my own experience of Spirit Guidance or Angel Guidance (not saying they are the same, but for my purposes here):

I do not believeย I have these experiences or “people” in my life. I do not doubt that others DO. But it’s nothing that I FEEL in my life. And as a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars, I am what I feel. Feeling is knowing. I also have an earthy chart = experience/perception. An idea (air) is not enough for me. But again, I don’t doubt other people’s experiences. Life is not one size fits all. But for me? My spiritual life (at least how I understand it NOW) departs from the stories I hear about Guides and Guidance.

And I won’t even address the topic of God at this time. We’ll save that for another day ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I speak to a client and I tell them to trust or listen to their Guides or to trust themselves, it is not a contradiction. But that my spiritual experience, my LIFE IN THIS BODY experience, is other. ย And I am determined to find out, figure out, how mine works because the descriptions/definitions/experiences out there do not reflect my own. And I think for myself and all ๐Ÿ˜‰ As do you, I hope.

Something else I am pondering: whether one’s spirit guides are actually pieces of the self (i.e you) that have split off from you (for whatever reason) in this lifetime or from past lifetimes.

I was finishing a reading for someone this morning and WHOA I am truly tuning in to my Pisces North Node which is a LEAP OF FAITH (we are in Sagittarius Season after all) for me because I am so earthly, earthbound and NEED TO BE but in partnership with Pisces (NN in the 6th!). So little by little, my research (Saturn in Scorpio transiting my 3rd) is expanding my consciousness.

You may think: is this a contradiction? Saturn is limits, not expansion! True. But Scorpio goes underneath the underneath. Yes, I am still the same practical girl you remember BUT Uranus direct in my 8th House is one of the most personal Uranus transits you can have. Shining a light on secret knowledge, my own and that of the masses. I feel I can TOUCH it. Touch this new knowledge.

But back to a previous thought: that “guides” may be pieces of our souls that didn’t incarnate with us into this lifetime. And that SOMEDAY we shall be united i.e. all our parts of self/soul fragments united, with the soul of the one God which is actually a combination of ALL the souls. Or maybe this is the daily experience for some of you. Or maybe it’s my soul journey now.

Despite my belief in *not* having spirit or angel guides (for me) I do have animal protection and maybe you would call that guidance. I’m not sure what it was. It was not advice or wisdom but during a terrible terrible transit (Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces) suddenly I had visions of animals that I knew surrounding me, to comfort me, protecting me, including a white dog I had known and this image only arises in extreme times.

Sometimes I try to go back there to that place but it’s not the same. I was working with animals at the time so very tuned in to their frequency. I have also taken care of many animals who have since passed on, cats and dogs. And in these visions I am human, I am me, not four-legged. Perhaps that is next though!

Next time let’s discuss how to find your Spirit Guides in the natal chart! Remind me. You know I’ll forget to blog on this…

xo sending love xo


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