Do You Tame? Or Are You Tamed? Saturn in Libra

"John and Yoko"
John and Yoko

You know what I mean, right? You hear about these couples or maybe you know them and someone says “Oh yeah she was the life of the party and then she met Jack and he TAMED her.” And they talk about this like it is a good thing and maybe it is. That Jack made Betty better. Made her grow up. Saturn in Libra demands maturity (Saturn) in relationships (Libra).

What do you think this is about? Is it fate? And on which side do you fall? Are you the wild one? Or the de-wilder 😉 And is it always for the best?

Truth be known, I’m a bigger believer in fate than free-will. I think there’s a path set before each one of us that we just can’t see. And if Jack is meant to change Betty, then they are going to find each other and do what needs to be done.

And you? Have you tamed others? Have you been tamed?

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