Do You Struggle With Entities (Part 2)

"moon in the 8th house"

Sometimes I wonder why entities or spirits or ghosts or dead people contact certain folks and not others.

I have *never* felt contacted personally (or by fax) by anyone who was not of the flesh.

After my mother died, I did feel her energy change.

And I felt she was ONE WAY the week or so after the death and then the energy changed even more. And I believe I had a dark apparition one time of her when I was at work as well as “seeing” death in someone’s energy or aura… hours before that person found out her own mother had died.

What I remember feeling was that she looked sick. Not that the mother looked sick, but my friend did, remember seeing/feeling (I don’t know what the correct word is) black all around her and it was nauseating to me.

I have never watched horror movies or been into the occult despite whatever psychic skills I possess. I remember when The Exorcist was all the rage when I was a kid. No way I could ever watch such a thing, too scary and also I always felt “Well, because I’m Jewish that stuff can’t touch me” i.e. that Christian (Catholic?) imagery threaded through that movie and others of the genre. It felt like something I was outside of. Jews had their own ghosts and monsters, the Golem for example. Or Nazis.


(I wonder if anyone’s ever done a study of Jewish ghosts vs. non Jewish. My Jewish ghost would probably rattle around in the kitchen and make chicken soup and tell me to bring a sweater, right?)

And although mediumship interests me and Uranus is in my 8th House now, I just don’t feel like a conduit for the dark stuff. I’m on a different frequency.

And perhaps this makes me ideally 🙂 suited to clear and cleanse people. Perhaps. Because I can see or intuit this stuff but it doesn’t attach to me or seek me out, as far as I know.

What are your thoughts/experiences about this stuff? 

Love, MP

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