Do You See The Transits In Your Daily Life

"mars in cancer"
Hey I have Mars in Cancer!

I’ve never had surgery, but recently had two “procedures” involving local anesthesia and the cutting of skin. Or “snipping” as my dermatologist said the other day. Thanks, Doc!

But seriously, my doctor is expert and gentle, and I trust him, but I felt totally worn out on those cutting days. It feels like an invasion to be cut or scalpled; it’s not normal. And I didn’t feel a thing during either procedure except for the anesthesia needle. Ouch. And when I saw the blood-soaked gauze afterwards? Getting those long-wanted tattoos suddenly seemed a world away.

Sharp steely instruments are Mars territory so it felt fitting to me that as Mars entered a new sign the other day, Cancer, that I was dealing with a very Cancerian doctor and his, well, sharp steely tools. Also, Saturn rules skin and I’m having a Saturn square to my Sun, my self.

A kind reader recently privately emailed me to encourage me. She thought my recent posts seemed gloomy and gloomy I have been. Now, I don’t mind this mood. It happens. But what I do mind is if my writing becomes less interesting because of it. I did a bit more storytelling, less astrological, and as Saturn gets closer to my Mercury and Mars, I imagine that… well.. I guess we’ll see how it plays out. Will I become afraid to speak? Or censor myself? Or just blog more slowly? Or more seriously? Could I get any more serious? We shall see. The future awaits!

Do you see the transits in your daily life?

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