Do You See Auras?

"mars in capricorn"

Recently I looked at some pictures for a client and told her what I saw. I don’t know if I was reading auras but definitely reading energy or something. I don’t have the words for it yet but I like being challenged like that.

In fact that’s one of the coolest things about doing this — I get asked all kinds of things, beyond the chart. I’ve edited children’s stories, analyzed movie characters for auditioning actors, done more Tarot than I ever thought I would. Chart-wise, I did an entire month-long reading for transits to someone’s Part of Fortune.

But back to the pictures: sometimes I can just see a face and know stuff.

A friend of mine has what I call a “sit on my dick” aura. I don’t see it in his face pictures but when the camera is far enough away and I can see shoulders, enough room for the aura outline? Oh yes, I see it.

And I told him: it’s not predatory. It’s polite. Even sweet. A polite “sit on my dick” aura. 

He shared with me his impressions of my aura and I am always curious how I seem.

My friend is completely unaware (so he says) of his aura, his energy, what he projects. And I think this is common.

My roommate once told me that I had a look on me of being able to please a man and I was surprised. And recently someone saw my picture and called me sultry. Guess it’s that 1st House Moon Pluto he said.

I started relating my friend’s aura to his chart. That his ascendent was the sweet and polite odor that emanated from him. And his 7th House ha-cha-cha Mars was the “sit on my dick” emanation and they were clearly cooperating, resulting in a sex appeal that was compelling and yet cozy!

Are you aura-aware? What energy do you emit?


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