Do You Pine Once It’s Over? Venus in the 12th square Neptune

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Joanna’s comment on my Detatch/Attach blog post got me thinking. And writing. Hello again 🙂

That when I look back on… men that I loved or thought I loved and how heartwrenchingheartaching it was at the time when the relationships were dying, that… now I can’t feel those feelings, and I think that’s amazing.

I mean: how did I so purely and cleanly love my ex-boyfriend? Now we are friends and I can speak to him or even see him without a pang? How is this possible? Is it NORMAL?

Sometimes I see him and when I see him I do wonder why or how or remember the pain but I don’t feel it, I don’t step inside it and yet it was once a part of my daily life. And I also look back on that time and think; I can get through anything. I got through that.

As I struggle now with a current relationship and some things about this one remind me of that one, trigger me, and I lose my balance, and want So Much To Believe (Neptune) that…. Well, I edited out the rest of this sentence 🙂

Uranus will begin his long transit through my 8th House soon enough. And Pluto through my 5th. And Neptune through my 7th. Disruption, transformation, illusion. Does that sound like a happy ending to you? (I am not that cynical, but I am funny 😉

The longing for stability. Elusive. Painful. My North Node on my 7th House Cusp. How to get over THERE? How to choose wisely.

I don’t pine when it’s over. I pine DURING. Venus in the 12th House pines. Venus square Neptune pines.

But I am wondering about your chart. Do you have transiting planets in your relationship houses? Think 5th, 7th, 8th: love, marriage, sex.

How’s your love life?

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