Do You Know Your Birth Time?

"Sophie's Choice"
Meryl Streep has Leo Rising

Do you ever wonder about the accuracy of your birth time? I have a birth certificate birth time but once upon a time had a face-to-face reading with an astrologer who wondered if I were Leo Rising and not Virgo Rising (she based this on my presence/appearance) and then last night I read a detailed description of Leo Rising and you know what? Sounded like me, exactly like me.

Another confusing detail: with Equal Houses, a late Leo birth time is no different than my Virgo Rising house placements. BUT with Placidus, a late Leo birth time changes some things, some very important things. For example, my Jupiter moves from the 2nd to the 3rd. My Pluto moves from the 1st to the 2nd. WTF?

Identify Crisis.

I never identified with the apparent self-confidence and bossiness of the Leo Rising but besides appearance, I seem to have… the roar? The drama? The offense when slighted by a friend? Hell, I don’t know. But I want to know. I wish there were a way to know. Guess it’s time to get that chart rectified!

And if I were Leo Rising my Venus would then be conjunct my Ascendent and THAT can’t possibly be TRUE. Can it?

I mean, wouldn’t I have men following me down the street every day? Or would that Equal Houses first House Pluto keep them away anyway. People do notice me. But I am never clear what it’s about, although most likely the hair, the Leo Mane (which could easily be a Venus in Leo mane).

See, I have natal planets in Virgo and Leo and… I know fire people, I know happy-dappy-do fire people and I just don’t relate. There’s a drive for attention that I just don’t have. And they smile. A LOT. A sunshine that I don’t have. I’m a quiet Cancer Sun 🙂 with Venus in the 12th 🙂

One of eerie things though, with a switch to Leo Rising is that my 4th House cusp becomes my mother’s sign and my 10th House cusp becomes my father’s.

Guess it’s time to get the chart done.

And you? Do you trust the accuracy of  your birth time? Do you look like your Rising Sign? 

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