Do You Know Where Your Juno Is?

So we are in the middle of theย Asteroid Goddess class and I posted this morning on Facebook:

We “reclaim” Juno or the Juno myth by NOT betraying her. Unlike Jupiter/Zeus. By living… SELF-WORTH rather than self destruction in the area of our life/chart where we find her. Juno wants revenge because she’s been betrayed so DO NOT BETRAY HER i.e. DO NOT BETRAY YOURSELF.

And if you are reading this, take responsibility. Make choices. Your choices make your life.

Where we have Juno is where we may feel BETRAYED and want to seek REVENGE or take REVENGE. Juno was the faithful wife.

HOW CAN WE RECLAIM OUR LOYALTY AND FIDELITY. To what or whom are you loyal?

On a related note, I am feeling very Pluto lately. What I mean is that I am talking about uncomfortable stuff these days, in my classes, in charts, in my personal life. It’s not easy, not fun. It’s smelly. It’s ripe with… truth. At least that’s how I would describe it. Saturn in Scorpio truth. And transiting Venus is conjunct my Pluto this week. Double triple ripe truth! But without it, what do we have?

And I was connecting my Pluto life these days with Juno (Juno being associated with Scorpio). And where we find Pluto we find crisis, coercion and I am going to use rape as a metaphor now and I’m sorry if it is offensive. Rape is such a horrible thing (I consider it torture) that I don’t believe it has a PLACE in language as a metaphor and yet… that’s how Pluto I feel today. My childhood was traumatic. I feel I have a right to these metaphors.

Life is about making choices. Being free and able to make choices. Not being coerced, consciously (when we go along with it, for whatever reason) or by default. Is it time for you to CHOOSE rather than just swim with the tide? When I just swim with the tide, my body falls apart. It REBELS. I start to suffer even if I can’t identify why. I just get symptoms.

If we don’t choose, then we are being raped. Don’t rape yourself, ladies and gentlemen. Make choices. Really examine your life. “Do I want such and such”?

I am living and breathing Pluto right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Another connection: a gal in the Asteroid Class has her Juno in Sagittarius and I am telling her how she must NOT betray herself and she does this by honoring her FREEDOM.

Love, MP

PS I may not publish comments on this post. It depends. Just an FYI. I will be selective.

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