Do You Hear Your Inner Voice? Mercury Conjunct Jupiter This Weekend!

"jupiter trine chiron" I posted this on my Facebook.

“I’m not sure how to get over it,” I said to myself.
“You won’t,” said the Voice inside me.

And I talked a little bit about “not getting over it” — as strategy.
Not skipping steps.

This encapsulates, to me, all the Venus action of this week. Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. This is much hardship for Venus, dealing with people she doesn’t want and feelings she doesn’t want, but she just can’t stop. Venus Pluto = power struggle and compulsion, but whose power is it anyway? And Venus Uranus is just plain crazy making. Uranus is the crazy part. Restlessness. Venus in Cancer just wants to Eat Pray Love.

There will be a time, there often is a time, when you don’t, won’t, can’t get over it. That is fine. But while you exist in that state, you should make yourself comfortable 🙂 Eventually you’ll know “why this lesson.” Those of us with Chiron in the early-ish degrees of Aries (like myself!) will be getting a boost in the coming days from Jupiter in Leo. Chiron in Aries always brings expedited healing and with Jupiter involved? The ego is restored.

Mercury enters Leo today. PROUD WORDS. Pride in your words. Royal proclamations. Messages from on high. Shouting. Blustery, blowzy. Knowing what you say is important. Speaking with “attitude.” Talking over people. Interrupting. Leo rules the theatre. Mercury in Leo is a writer, a playwright. DRAMA. Dialogue. See what I did at the top? Two lines of dialogue. If you have trouble hearing your inner voice or hearing your GUIDES or the Divine, then practice this during Mercury in Leo.

Mercury in Leo: words of love, words from the heart. Big ones.

So Venus is jumping through hoops. Pushed around by Pluto and Uranus. But at the same time, Saturn and Chiron are trine and thus trining exhausted Venus. And then Mercury conjoins Jupiter on Saturday (and squares Mars in Scorpio).

You know what this is about? Loving yourself.

I remember in one of the classes teaching about Venus and rereading Howard Sasportas as always and him talking about self-love. We have to value what we value! Not reject ourselves, not reject what we want and need. And you better believe Mercury conjunct Jupiter is going to stand up for herself/himself! There may even be angry words this weekend but you know what? YOU ARE ENTITLED (says all this Leo energy square Scorpio in the sky).

They obviously felt entitled to do what THEY did. You are entitled to share how you feel about it 🙂

And that’s the story 🙂


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