Do you have Visions? Do you Neptune?

Suddenly I had a vision of myself in a big blue swimming pool. I took note of this as I rarely swim. Can’t remember the last time. The Moon in Scorpio will conjunct my natal Neptune later today in my third house. The third house is our thinking. Mine is filled with water.

Do you have visions? Literally, pictures in your mind of things that… eventually *do* happen. I had visions before I moved in with my current roommate. I saw myself in the kitchen, standing at the sink and her coming in the front door. Once we moved in together, I realized that the angle was just right… where the sink was, where I was, where she walked in.

We often associate visions and the psychic with Neptune (and Pisces) and what could be more Neptunian than a pool? Well, maybe a drunken psychic in a pool in an ocean! My visions never get too wild though. They are usually about people I know or am about to meet. And they feel so real, so physical, so earthly!

Imagine if your third-eye were that open all the time. How would you feel? Images and life going by like a movie,  the scenery from a car window. Do you remember those days? Childhood? Being in the back seat of the car and watching the world rush by. Falling asleep. Dreaming. Being carried inside, half-wake.

Neptune rules our fantasy life, our dreams, our illusions, our love. Not the personal every day love but a love that is universal and includes us all. I find this idea hard to grasp. I think I’ll meditate on it 🙂

So, do you have visions?

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