Do You Have Planets In The 12th House?

I want to go as deep as I possibly can with people. As I look over charts and comments in the 12th House class, I tell them:

I have Venus in the 12th House. I’m here to serve you. It feels good. Service feels good. Use me. Ask me questions. That’s why we are here. I can’t bear living on the SURFACE OF LIFE.

The 12th House: what we deny. What we repress. Those energies. If you have Venus in the 12th, you are withholding. No matter the aspects to it. You are withholding some piece of your love. You can’t seem to get it out. Can’t help it. It’s automatic.

And you know what? Maybe… just maybe… this is not a problem.


Helping people moves the energy. Helping just enough. Helping so that you make a difference but not so much that you… become workaholic and ignore everything else in your life. Right?

What are you denying? What’s in your 12th House? Venus? Enjoyment? Sun? Ego? Do you feel you need to deny who you are? That if you don’t keep denying it… someone will get hurt?

What about Saturn here? Do you hide your sadness? Or Neptune. You feel you need to keep your dreams to yourself. You learned that you had to.

And you know what? YES I CAN connect this post to the current sky 🙂 because we’re in Pisces Season and Pisces/Neptune is associated with the 12th. It’s time to talk about all this (once again).

Love, MP


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