Do You Have Enough Time? How Astrology Works

"transiting venus in the 6th house"
the 6th House

When the faster moving planets are transiting your 6th house, you can expect to be busy and especially busy with routine matters, details, work, Virgo stuff.

With transiting Venus in my 6th house, I find myself busy in this way but not in a fun Venus way — more like annoying i.e. feeling pressed for time, overwhelmed, etc. (And of course other chart factors are involved.)

This is how astrology works. This is how the houses work. When planets march through a certain house, the areas of life associated with that house are lit up for you. It can be that simple.

With the Moon in Pisces in my 7th now? I’m dealing with 1:1 stuff and relationships feel kind of sticky to me. I don’t like squares to my 4th House which is what 7th House planets do – square the 4th (and the 10th). Now, I don’t have natal planets in either of those houses but, to my mind, the area of life is squared i.e. home and career.

I’m in the middle of a couple of readings with clients (email readings) and I simply won’t have the time to continue until tonight or tomorrow morning. I hate this. I hate not having the time. I hate having to wait. Hate is a strong word, I know. And I just cancelled a Sunday reading (a barter situation with a friend) due to lack of time.

Why does waiting until tomorrow morning feel like a lifetime to me? Maybe it’s this instant-culture we’re all in now. I mean, when I would schedule a phone reading with my first astrologer, I would sometimes have to wait three weeks! The world has changed. But it’s ME putting the pressure on me.

So what can one do? The answer is within the house the planet is transiting.

Baby steps. One step at a time. Thing one, then thing two, then thing three… which is incremental, which is 6th House, which is, you guessed it, Virgo.

The high side of Virgo: step by step. The low side of Virgo: worrying how many steps and where and when and how and why.

How hard it is, at times, to do the high side of our charts or our transits.  Life kicks us around and we need a break, a way to let the air in. So let the houses help you–

If Venus is transiting your 6th, then inject a little beauty in your day. Visit a friend. Polish something until it shines.

Where is transiting Venus in your chart? 


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