Do You Have A Stellium?

"saturn in scorpio"I was chatting with someone on Twitter who has a stellium in Scorpio and he was wondering how Saturn in Scorpio would affect him.

Now of course on Twitter I can’t give a comprehensive reading BUT when you have a stellium it means you’ve got a group of planets (3 or more) that are close in degree, even out of sign (YOMV = your orbs may vary).

When Saturn is in Scorpio, it is going to conjunct each of the planets in this guy’s stellium AND it’s not even that simple. It sets up an energy pattern for the entire transit.

Saturn may get close to a certain planet (and when a planet is applying it feels more intense) and then not conjunct it yet, but go retrograde instead!

You may get three passes of Saturn over your Sun or Moon or Pluto or whatever!

And of course you need to know what aspects your stellium in your natal for a more complete picture, among other things. 🙂

Does this make sense? Questions? Comments? 

Love, MP

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