Do You Go Deep?

Do you go deep into a chart? I am doing more and more readings and… I realize that I like only one (!) chart in my head at a time. As I write this I realize I’m the same way in love: monogamous! I look at the wheel, look at placements, begin to grasp the aspects and it’s like swimming. I sink a little. But then I MUST arrange the fish! Clarity from all those squiggles and lines and glyphs. And they talk too. Not in words… but they talk.

I have Mercury in Cancer in the 11th, Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd. These trine. When looking at a chart, I get my information from the astrology but also from… from what comes up from the deep, and it’s better if I don’t analyze it. Moon Pluto aspects (I have the conjunction in the 1st) encourage this kind of thinking. Emotional depth. (My Mercury Mars in Cancer in mutual reception with my Moon Pluto in Virgo.) And sometimes (often) I wish I had a stellium in fire, pure pure lightening fast flashes to balance out the deep. Make it all go faster!

Today’s Inspirational Message 🙂 is that we must… accept (try try try to accept or at least not disparage, not discourage) who we are, accept the way we do it. And make adjustments when needed. But don’t hate your way. If you’re a Cancer Sun, then know that you move sideways. If you’re a Pisces Sun, then know that you are going to feel all the emotions in the room. And if you’re a Leo Sun? Well, you are King (or Queen) and that’s that!

We use astrology (to give but one example) to find out who we are, to put words to… things we’ve always felt, but… didn’t have the words for. Treat that knowledge tenderly.

Note to self: a little bit of Virgo goes a long way

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