Do You Force Change?

"chiron opposition uranus"
Freud and friend

Everyone on deck! Uranus! Pluto! Chiron!

Being alone sucks. When my relationship was going well (or better than it is now) I had no lack of material to feed me and my writing. Love. Every twist and turn the relationship made inspired me. Sometimes I wrote about it and sometimes I didn’t. Now it may be a casualty of Scorpio Season for various reasons (no blame I say to others. No blame I tell myself) and not only do I miss the intimacy but I miss being inspired.

For me, relationships are there to transform — me, them, and it’s an unconscious process but I notice it after something devastating happens. That’s my 8th House Chiron talking: it hurts but the energy moves. And moves fast. Chiron opposing Uranus: a natal aspect many of my generation have.

And Virgo is a natural analyst, always processing.

Mars/Aries rules my 8th House: a sign of the fast end and then I scramble to put the monster back together because I didn’t really want it to end. I wanted to make it begin. Save it.

It’s cyclical, said a woman on a tv drama I was watching. He doesn’t really want to leave her. The urge to purge. The urge to take something apart which is really just the urge to transform it, to bring out the truth, to do surgery, to poke it in the eye. To birth the baby. Pluto.

All of this isn’t really the urge to destroy, as I keep saying, but the urge to change which is, all to often, foolish because you’re not the only one there. But how do we dare stop ourselves? Freud? Are you there? 

Gloomy Friday? No!

I’m a Cancer. I cling. I don’t leave. But there’s a process that lives side by side this Cancer cling and I’m trying to understand it. Make it less wild. Chiron and Uranus in opposition with the 8th House as the battleground and we make or break these moves to force change. That may work if you are God or Uranus himself but it’s not a good idea when dealing with another precious soul. No matter how much you believe you are worth it.

So we grow and we grow and we grow. Together or apart. But we grow. Did I mention growing yet?  We had a Full Moon in Taurus who plants opposite the Sun in Scorpio who dies. Who will win? 

Do you force change? 

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